Our experience with designing and documenting a range of different medium density projects from small scale Unit and Townhouse projects to our largest project which comprised over 100 single and double story villas, means that you benefit from our understanding and knowledge of these types of buildings.

We understand the importance of achieving the maximum amount of useful and appealing space while projecting an attractive exterior that potential purchasers will appreciate, whether owner-occupiers or investors. One size doesn?t fit all so we can design for investors as well as owner-occupiers wanting larger premises with more features.

We understand the importance of working with the site to minimize expensive excavation and retaining costs and our relationship with experienced Town Planning Consultants allows us to provide a one-stop shop for investors and developers looking to maximize the return on their property investment.

We can also assist with production of the Marketing Material and Courser?s and Finishes Selections to ensure the final product is well-presented for maximum appeal to the targeted purchasers.