Over the decades that we have been working in this field, we have created hundreds of unique designs for a wide range of design styles and types. There are not many situations that we haven’t experienced, so we can accommodate for small lots, steeply sloping sites, flood-effected sites, traditional homes and sites subject to Town Planning controls. No matter how simple or complex you think your project may be, we know from experience that there is a design that can address your requirements and we can assist in the feasibility stage of the project to help you decide whether your budget will be enough or if you need to adjust your expectations or stage your project.



We’ve brought to life over a thousand different concepts from extensive requirements that include; small lot, steep sites, character homes to renovations and contemporary designs.

We are an architecture award winning, state government quality compliant service that has direct experience with past trends and the latest concepts to ensure we meet your needs and help you navigate through common pitfalls…

Our cutting edge Technology and software will bring your design to life to give you a virtual walk-through of the end result before expending large amounts of money on documentation and unnecessary approvals.

Use our proven industry collaborations with pre-qualified builders and reliable trades people to make sure you have the best possible outcome built with quality materials.

Good quality, affordable design solutions that you own and that your builder can easily implement.



Our experience with designing and documenting a range of different medium density projects from small scale Unit and Townhouse projects to our largest project which comprised over 100 single and double story villas, means that you benefit from our understanding and knowledge of these types of buildings.

We understand the importance of achieving the maximum amount of useful and appealing space while projecting an attractive exterior that potential purchasers will appreciate, whether owner-occupiers or investors. One size doesn’t fit all so we can design for investors as well as owner-occupiers wanting larger premises with more features.

We understand the importance of working with the site to minimize expensive excavation and retaining costs and our relationship with experienced Town Planning Consultants allows us to provide a one-stop shop for investors and developers looking to maximize the return on their property investment.

We can also assist with production of the Marketing Material and Courser’s and Finishes Selections to ensure the final product is well-presented for maximum appeal to the targeted purchasers.



Our background includes a wide range of commercial building types including Childcare Centers and Kindergartens, Schools, Shopping Centers, Warehouses, Multi-Deck Car-parks and Office Buildings.

This level of experience means that there aren’t many situations that we haven’t encountered previously and it also means we can pre-empt the problems and pitfalls that can otherwise cause delays and unexpected costs.

We have designed and documented an award winning multi-deck car-park at Ipswich Hospital, various buildings at Toowoomba Grammar and St. Aidan’s Girls School at Corinda, along with a 10,000 square meter warehouse and factory for Bradnams Windows at Zillmere.*

In recent years we have designed and documented 11 Kindergartens as part of the Queensland Governments pre-school program and we have also designed and documented several Childcare Centers in South-East Queensland.


*(some of these projects were done while working for other Architectural Companies)

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